Hiatus Cellars

Founded in 2012 by Mark and Patty Davidowski, Hiatus Cellars strives to create uniquely flavorful wines by pairing great vineyards with their winemaking soul mates. Each winemaker holds special talents for coaxing the best out of certain vineyards, culminating in each project offering truly personal expressions of these vineyard sites. The resulting portfolio of vineyard driven wines offers a chance to enjoy this unique vision of each vineyard site, as seen by Mark and his winemakers. We hope you enjoy!

Mark Davidowski

Mark Davidowski, Proprietor |  mark@hiatuscellars.com

Growing up with wine on the table from a young age, I developed a passion for all things wine related. Working in the industry for the better part of two decades has helped me develop a unique perspective to the production of wines. I most recently launched and ran one of the top wine retail merchants in California, Meritage Wine Market, affording me the opportunity to immerse myself in all of the great wines from around the world. More than a decade of fantastic customer relationships combined with annual explorations to Burgundy, Bordeaux, Piedmonte, Tuscany and beyond has helped foster a deep understanding of what people want in their wines, both in flavor and in how they are enjoyed. I’m passionate about expressing the personality of each vineyard, offering wines with exceptional texture and balance, and ensuring each project is offered at great value for the quality. My vision to create wines that enhance our daily lives drives the design and blending of each project. I hope you find the perfect Hiatus for you and it adds a moment of great enjoyment to whatever you may be doing.


Steve Reynolds

Steve Reynolds, Winemaker

After discovering his passion for wine while a teenager living in Germany, Steve couldn’t resist his calling any longer and left his dental practice in 1994 to create Reynolds Family Winery in Napa Valley. Steve’s passion for family and friends is evident not only in his larger than life persona, but in the fresh, expressive and approachable personality of his wines. These traits are the perfect match for the style of our Hiatus Cellars Chardonnays, with their bright, creamy freshness; Napa Valley Red Wine, with its larger than life expressiveness; and Napa Valley Cabernet with its powerful core and fresh approachability. Steve’s friendship and passion for enjoying wine in the moment ensures our collaboration on Hiatus Cellars creates wines that push the envelope of creativity and deliver fantastic wines to be shared with friends.


Rolando Herrera

Rolando Herrera, Winemaker

With humble beginnings as a dishwasher at Auberge du Soleil and line cook at Mustard’s Grill, Rolando’s appreciation of great wine blossomed with the encouragement of Warren Winiarski, famed founder of Stag’s Leap Wine Cellars. Starting in 1985, Rolando spent 10 years in the employ of Stag’s Leap with the last seven as Cellar Master. With subsequent stops as Assistant Winemaker at Chateau Potelle, Winemaker at Vine Cliff and Executive Director of Winemaking at Paul Hobbs, Rolando culled bits and pieces from each stop and created a winemaking style all his own, producing wines of unparalleled excellence. With Rolando managing the farming of each vineyard, as well as the winemaking, we have the ability to offer a truly unique expression from each vineyard. The cohesiveness of the vision for Hiatus Cellars in the Griffin’s Lair Vineyard Pinot Noir and Apex Napa Valley Red is a culmination of Mark and Rolando’s shared passion for exceptionally expressive wines.


Bryan Page, Winemaker

Passionate and energetic Chef, Sommelier and music enthusiast turned winemaker, Bryan brings a unique energy to his winemaking. He launched Page Cellars and Revolver Wine Company in 1997, following an inspired stint teaching wine, wine service and cooking in France. The foodie side of him brings an obsessive desire for balance, fresh acidity and subtle complexity in his wines while his insatiable passion for music requires his wines offer great expression and a unique larger than life personality. Bryan’s attention to detail and cleanliness in his winemaking stems from his deep roots in the chemistry of modern wine country cuisine. His determination to coax every layer of complexity out of each vineyards fruit mirrors his almost transcendent analysis of historic rock lyrics. This penchant for detail and expressiveness made him the perfect partner for producing a French inspired Sauvignon Blanc that is both richly textured and expressive but carries with it the balance and acidity to elevate any meal into a sublime experience.

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